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Hospital pharmacies experience all the challenges that we also see in general society. Personnel shortages, ever increasing demands regarding productivity and quality of services provided. There is a general consensus that a lot of the present day challenges can be solved by implementation of pharmacy automation. Oftentimes what is missing in research and development is truly listening to the pharmacy’s requirements. This is what The Compounding Company is about. The basis for all we do is the question: “Does this feature truly help the pharmacists and technicians?”

Implementing pharmacy automation is challenging. How do you list your pharmacy’s requirements? How do you select the right solution and vendor? How do you convince your board of directors to say yes to this investment? Can you make available the needed resources from your team to actually execute the automation project?

At The Compounding Company we will support you through the whole process. We will share our knowledge so that you can take the right decisions for your pharmacy. We will even supply the project-pharmacist to run the implementation project as part of your team if needed.

What we do

Developing great compounding technology!

We missed the pharmacist approach in iv automation solutions. Technology driven development does not result in practical solutions that fit current pharmacy processes. We missed reliable output quantities and software that reflects a pharmacy’s needs.

So we started developing The Compounder, a rational approach to solving the challenges hospital pharmacists face with ever increasing personel shortages and the aim to always prepare the highest quality admixtures at the highest possible efficiency.

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The development of the Compounder was made possible in part by a MIT-R&D subsidy from the Dutch province of Noord-Holland.

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