Hospitals can’t find IC staff

Research of the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant shows that a number of hospitals  are unable to find – and retain – sufficient staff for intensive care. “It has been going on for a few years. We were able to cope with it for a long time with art and flying work, but the problem has been magnified due to the corona crisis.”

There are also challenges in finding staff in hospital pharmacies. Year after year, the outflow is greater than the influx of new pharmacy assistants. This leads to staff shortages and a higher workload for the pharmacy team. In the production department of a hospital pharmacy, the situation is often even more extreme because the preparation of parenteral medication is intensive and physically demanding work.

With the Compounder, the hospital pharmacy can automate the preparation of parenteral medication, which relieves employees and prevents dropout due to physical complaints due to heavy manual work.
At The Compounding Company, we don’t just think about how our solutions can support the hospital pharmacy. Perhaps there are also possibilities to unburden departments such as the IC?

September 7th 2021, by Martijn Veltmaat

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