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On November 4th, at the yearly meeting of the association of Dutch hospital pharmacists, The Compounding Company introduces The Compounder, a new solution for automating the production of parenteral medication.

The manual production process of parenteral medication as it has been done for so many years in hospital pharmacies is at risk. Personel shortages, health issues for employees and the ever increasing demands of hospitals, inspection bodies and the healthcare systems in general make it hard to guarantee the production of high quality parenteral medication at the right level of cost-effectiveness.

The core of the solution that has been built by Mannes Geurts, experienced hospital pharmacist, is the software. “We want the pharmacist to decide how to run their compounindg process. They can decide how to approve products, they can set all parameters themselves”. The Compounder software facilitates this into the fines detail. The Compounder itself is a machine that fits into most modern MVK’s and is designed to deliver consistent results. “Pharmacies should be able to rely on the output that a machine can bring, not be disappointed because the manufacturer of the robotic equipment only shares the ‘ideal world’ output levels.”

Next to The Compounder, The Compounding Company will also give attendees a sneak peek of The Manual Compounder, a small station that facilitates the use of The Compounder Software, photo documentation and weighing of products.

Geurts is eager to share the products with his colleagues: “After the introduction at the NVZA congress on November 4th we want to provide a number of hospitals with a test environment so they can actively review our ideas and give feedback”so we can learn and adjust if needed. This should be a solution for pharmacists, by pharmacists!”

November 1st 2021, by Martijn Veltmaat

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