The Software

On many occasions a pharmacist is forced to work according to rules and processes as set by a software or automation supplier. We turn that around. Our software enables you to work how you want. You can set parameters to reflect your processes. We believe software should be easy to use. So easy that implementing and using it is a joy instead of a burden. We kindly invite you to test it!

User rolls and rights fully adaptable

You decide how to set user roles and permissions. Users can have multiple roles depending on their knowledge and training level.

Release workflow fully customizable

You decide which percentage of deviation from required amounts is acceptable. For each deviation level you can set how product release is handled. As we all know, even if a product is within release levels, sometimes it is necessary to have an extra check. This is made possible through simply adding a new approval request during the product release workflow. To make communication easy you can simply add a note.

Products processed the way you want it

Production is a process with a lot of nuances. Sometimes you want to flush the lines or spikes. Sometimes you want to remove overfill. And for another product you may want to adjust for dead volume. And these nuances may differ between an automated process and a manual process. You decide.

Would you like to make your parenteral medication safer?

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