The Manual Compounder

To help you achieve safer, more accurate, and streamlined sterile IV compounding,  The Manual Compounder offers an innovative workflow management system. The Manual Compounder incorporates best practices with an integrated software solution that safely and consistently guides technicians step-by-step through the IV compounding process.

Designed for easy placement within laminar airflow (LAF) hoods, the Manual Compounder incorporates integrated gravimetric and volumetric verification, photo documentation, and label printing. It is powered by our software designed to manage all aspects of the workflow.

At any point in time the system can be expanded with The Compounder. The Compounder in one hood, processing batches in a highly automated way. The Manual Compounder can than be used in a second hood for workflow guidance of products that are not suited for preparation on the Compounder. No matter how you work, or how many systems you operate, the Software runs all of them.

Photo documentation and weighing

The Manual Compounder facilitates an easy step forward in improving your IV workflow. Instead of pharmacy technician working based of paper protocalls, they can take full advantage of the Software. In addition to that The Manual Compounder Unit adds a compact GUI, photo documentation and weighing of products.

Easy to use Software as your guide

On many occasions a pharmacist is forced to work according to rules and processes as set by a software or automation supplier. We turn that around. Our softwar enables you to work how you want. You can set parameters to reflect your processes. We believe software should be easy to use. So easy that implementing and using it is a joy instead of a burden. We kindly invite you to test it!

Stand alone or in combination with the Compounder

The Compounding Company offers solutions that fit your current needs. A first step could be that you transfer from working with paper protocols only to using the Software. A next step could be to add the Manual Compounder so that you can add photo documentation and weighing to your compounding process. And the final step can be adding The Compounder for automating larger volumes of production with all benefits of the Software and the vision and weighing unit incorporated. All combinations are possible and at The Compounding Company we are happy to advise which of our solutions best fits your situation.

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